Fax Server Oman

Easy to Use Enterprise Fax Server Appliance with 25/50 Users and up 2 Fax Lines. Inbuilt Fax Storage and Fax To Email Function.IVR Help the sender to send fax to a certain User.Bizfax fax help to maintain a paperless office. At the same time it increase the productivityBy allowing all the users to send and receive the fax from their computer.

Easy To Use Enterprise Fax Serverfax-server-abudhabi

▪ Client Software for send and Receive Fax from Computer
▪ 25/ 50 Client Software Installation Support
▪ Customized IVR for incoming Fax
▪ Ability to Route the fax based on IVR Message
▪ Receive Fax on Smart Phone
▪ 15000 sheets Storage
▪ Expand the storage VIA Network Share
▪ Output Port for Connecting Fax Machine

Fax Server Oman


25 Users

Fax Server Oman


50 Users


▪ 1 line 25 users in E100 & 2 line 50 users in E200
▪ Install BizFAX Client on a computer and then you own a Virtual Fax Machine.
▪ The FXS port is to connect a physical fax machine for scan print or fax directly. Compatible with PSTN (FXO)
▪ Can communicate by phone before fax.
▪ Auto convert documents as doc xls and pdf to fax format tiff by BizFAX Printer.
▪ Auto create a single fax document with multiple pages from multiple documents.
▪ Send a fax to multiple numbers at the same time.
▪ Customizable fax page header.
▪ User is able to make annotation signature and stamp through BizFAX Editor.
▪ If the other party manually receives a fax user can make a call to talk with the other party at first by virtual fax extension and then send fax after the call.
▪ FAX to Email.
▪ Can save up to  15000 pages and expandable by Net Disk.
▪ Virtual fax extensions can make calls, send emails and instant messages to each other.