Uniview CCTV Oman – IP CCTV Camera and NVR

Begin as part HUAWEI H3C Technologies subsidiary designers, Uniview CCTV has been a leader in the field of IP video security and has actually expanded to become one of the best in the CCTV  security industry. The Uniview product portfolio includes IP security cameras, NVR’s, video encoders/decoders, and video management software and other accessories.With the continuous development of the IP video surveillance market,  Uniview CCTV [ UNV ]  constantly enriches its product line.Uniview has actually been focused on developing, generating and also marketing video security items. Uniview has over 350 patents covering the whole variety of IP digital, giving a variety of commercial solutions. UNV CCTV Products are known for durability and reliability, and likely the security cameras stop working because of unpredictable extreme weather conditions.Uniview adopts the unique dual-PCB board’s design and High-quality components.

Uniview CCTV products have actually been set up in numerous projects for industry, including public security as well as management, website traffic control, train, schools, intelligent structures, and so on. The Uniview philosophy is targeted at meeting customer needs in a participating and also ingenious group with outstanding support, competence, and best expert monitoring. The vision of Uniview is to become “world leader in video clip monitoring” to advance its products and services under a complete dedication to creating worth for all clients.

UNV CCTV OmanH.265 and 4K with UNV CCTV

Uniview NVRs and also IP CCTV cameras supply excellent quality photos as well as work with the brand-new H. 265 compression technique.  H.265 offers reduced data transfer requirements as well as longer hard drive storage.UNV New CCTV products including NVR and also IP CCTV video camera featured by H. 265 as well as 4K both, could quickly upgrade your video surveillance system to the higher interpretation, however, conserve financial investments with economical pricing.All the NVRS are featuring 4K HDMI output guarantee high-grade security experience and all 4K Screens are supported.It can not only be connected with 4K IP camera and do the recording but also can perfectly display it on the 4K monitors. Users can enjoy four times higher display resolution than the normal NVR.
With H. 265 compression, you could use the cams with a lot lower transmission capacity consumption. 1080P@25fps real-time HD code stream is just 1.5 Mbps. If you use 4K IP camera, it will be 16Mbps with H. 264 compression, but with H. 265, it minimizes to just 8Mbps, conserve approximately 1/2 transmission capacity. Compared to H. 264 compression, H. 265 compression minimize 60% storage areas, so videos with the exact same definition as well as duration will certainly inhabit on 1/3 storage space spaces. Customers obtain 300% storage space spaces free of charge.

Network (NGN) design keeps controlling commands different from video streams to improve system security. Its integrated iSCSI direct-store modern technology permits video cameras to stream video clip directly to an iSCSI RAID of the Uniview NVR/IP SAN, therefore promoting more effective analysis as well as writing, without a bottleneck in file handling. Instead of being packaged right into documents, all video data is kept faster and safer making use of a fixed-size block style. UniMCast multicasting innovation includes error-checked delivery to ensure dependability. Network Auto-Adaptability adjusts video clip transmission rate, accordance with network status to accomplish high effectiveness, therefore making certain video quality in settings with inadequate network transmission.

Uniview IP CCTV Camera – Dome, Bullet, Box and PTZ

Uniview IP Camera OmanUNV CCTV is a one-stop product and solution supplier for IP CCTV Surveillance. Uniview offer Bullet Cameras, Box Cameras, Dome Cameras, Fish Eye Camera, PTZ Camera and PT Camera with a wide variety of features. IP security cameras offer superior innovation to older analog CCTV cameras that utilize coax cable. IP video cameras offer a higher resolution as well as a broader and deeper viewing area as compared to Analog CCTV video cameras. The advanced digital technology of IP CCTV cameras makes it possible for superb vision at low and high light levels throughout both daytimes as well as nighttime.

Uniview CCTV Cameras are  ONVIF-compatible IP security cameras with the latest H.265 Compression support. H.265 Reduced bandwidth usage dramatically while maintaining the same quality.See some of the features of UNV CCTV Camera below.

CMMI5 -Uniview is the only CCTV company with a CMMI5 rating.It gives the rating on continually improving process performance through both incremental and innovative technological changes/improvements.

  • True 120dB WDR/High Dynamic Range – Hardware takes three exposures at low/mid/high values and compounds the lowlights & highlights for a true WDR/HDR image.
  • ISO9000 – The very same Quality Control standard as IBM
  • Cloud Upgrades – For device firmware, cloud upgrades for IPC through the NVR
  • Plug and Play – In fact plug as well as play, connect cams as well as you’re taping without additional actions.
  • OSRAM LED –  Automotive grade LEDs last 30% longer & gets rid of the “flashlight” impact.
  • Long IR Range – UP to 250 meter IR Range on PTZ Models and Up to 100 meter IR Range on Bullet Camera
  • H.265 Support – H.265 Compression reduce the bandwidth 50% compared to H.264 CCTV cameras.

Uniview NVR

Uniview carries NVR with different featured and storage capacity up to 16 Hard disks. The number of cameras added in a single NVR can go up to 128 channels depend upon the NVR Model.Uniview NVR Support both H.265 and H264 along with onvif compatibility. H.265 reduced the bandwidth and storage requirement by half compared to H.264. UNV Q code technology further reduces the storage, and a total of 90 % reduction can be achieved.One of the major advantages of UNV CCTV NVR is its capacity for streaming, record and Display 4K Video.

Uniview NVR OmanUNV NVR support for both h.264 cameras as well as H,265 compatible cameras, allowing users to connect with a mixture of H.264 and H.265 IP cameras. This means that you don’t have to upgrade your entire IP surveillance network, all, saving you time and money. The hot-swappable support in selected models allows you to replace a SATA hard drive without having to switch off the NVR.Uniview provides you with free client software, including PC Client EZstation, the mobile app called EZView and access to the cloud service. Using these software tools you can easily access the NVR locally and remotely.

The majority of NVRs can not present more that 2MP (1080P). Uniview’s 4k recorder alternatives ought to be used if there are  4MP video cameras that will certainly need to be shown on display. If your CCTV camera cable is longer than 300ft then the best NVR for the task will be Uniview’s PoE supported NVR collection. This NVR consist of the long distance transfer mode that could allow video cameras to deploy to 900 feet over typical CAT5e.

More Features of  UNV NVR

Uniview Block Storage – Faster storage space & access, no disk fragmentation.

Cloud Upgrades – For device firmware, cloud upgrades for IPC through the NVR

Smart Search –  Retrospective motion discover & various other clever search attributes

Instantaneous Playback – Jump backward 5 minutes in the Live view screen

True 4k–  4K HDMI Video Output

Buy UNIVIEW CCTV in Oman with VDS

VDS  is a Uniview CCTV supplier in Oman, Muscat. Uniview is IP CCTV Brand featuring H.265, Onvif and 4K. We carry all the models of UNV CCTV  Camera, UNV CCTV NVR, UNV CCTV PTZ and UNV  CCTV Storage. As a leading Supplier of Uniview CCTV in Muscat, we can supply products across middle east and Africa. In Muscat our coverage includes Oman, Salalah, Seeb, Khasab, Bahla and Nizwa.Outside Muscat we supply products in Kenya, Nigeria, Bahrain, Iran, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Uganda, Ethiopia, Ghana, Tanzania, Algeria, Sudan, Angola and Zambia.