Polycom Video Conferencing System Oman

Polycom, named a leader and top-ranked brand on video collaboration solutions has wide range of high definition telepresence and voice conferencing products for all kinds of working environment.For organizations migrating to high-definition video and audio communication, polycom provide a flexible and robust solution ideally suited for distance education, remote medical diagnosis, on-demand project collaboration, Company Meetings and more.

Video Conferencing Systems Once reserved primarily for large international corporations today they are increasingly being used also in small and medium-sized businesses. With the impact of constantly falling bandwidth prices and increasingly lower the cost of  devices themselves make every business can enjoy the benefits of video conferencing.In order to serve you better We’re equipped with Polycom high definition telepresence, video and voice for your video conferencing systems solution. Polycom video conferencing systems help you cut costs and travel while you boost productivity. Polycom Video Conferencing Solutions  brings out the best of audio and video at one place.Polycom Solutions are designed to facilitate and enhance the conferencing ambience in your meeting room. It can  deployed in conference rooms, classrooms, and meeting spaces. The Room products are available as a telepresence kit or as a turn-key solution that includes the display and stand.

There is so many features in Polycom Video Conferencing System, improve the user experience including Polycom Smart Pairing, which allows a user participating in a video conference via a tablet computer to transfer the video call to a room-based system with a swipe of a hand on the tablet’s touch-screen. The tablet then becomes the remote control for the room system, letting the user access the corporate directory to add people to the call. Offering to integrate with other video conference equipment and Microsoft platforms such as Lync and skype for business , increase the usability and user experience of polycom video conferencing systems to another level.

Polycom Conferencing Oman

Advantages of Polycom Video Conference System

Polycom Video Conferencing System creates location liberation so  the people can have more engaging conversations in new ways that defy the boundaries of distance, cost, time, and significant business disruptions, such as disasters, pandemics, or acts of nature.Through Polycom’s highly visual and immersive RealPresence® Platform, people can connect, speed their decision making, and increase their productivity to benefit their companies and individuals inside their organizations and beyond.

Polycom Video Conferencing Oman  RealPresence® Mobile is a free-to-download software solution offers HD video collaboration technology beyond the constraints of the office and conference room. Connect and collaborate with anyone utilizing HD audio, video and content sharing. RealPresence Mobile allows you to free yourself from the office and conference room and connect with those important people

• Video conferencing and use content from 1080p60 resolution provides realistic collaboration.
Modern videoconferencing system developed in 2013.
• Using the app Polycom People + Content IP, and video calling can share content (presentations, documents, etc.).
• The ability to use multiple cameras, content sources and displays.
• The incredible simplicity of the user interface and the use of Polycom® SmartPairing ™ technologies provide the opportunity to work on their iPad tablets.
• Set advanced audio technology Polycom Constant Clarity significantly enhances the feeling of reality.
• Built-in server on point 4 (HD) or 8 points (SD) let you increase the number of participants in the conference without purchasing server (ext. Option).
• Compatible with SVC-technology ensures a comfortable fit, including in networks with limited bandwidth.
Polycom Video Conferencing System Oman

Polycom Trio 8800

Polycom Video Conferencing System Oman

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Polycom Video Conferencing System Oman

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Polycom Video Conferencing System Oman

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