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Panasonic NS300 PBX Muscat Oman

Panasonic NS300 IP PBX

The objective of Panasonic NS300 PBX is designed to make your experience as comfortable and convenient as possible by supplying the most efficient communication. Panasonic is responsible for your communication and stress-free work towards the destination. Their trained staff is here to monitor your devices and keep it in proper condition to avoid any panic, hassle, and delay.

Panasonic NS700 Muscat Oman

Panasonic NS700 IP PBX

Panasonic Offer a highly effective communication solution with the NS700 PBX System.The initial configuration starts with 6 extensions and can be expanded to 288 extensions in the future with additional expansion modules.The ability to connect to the NS1000 PBX System make it a part of an enterprise solution.