Yealink W74P Oman


Yealink W74P Oman

The Yealink W74P Oman system seamlessly integrates with Yealink W74H DECT handsets, accommodating registration for up to 10 devices. This versatility ensures that whether you operate in a compact office environment or a sprawling corporate setting, your communication needs are efficiently addressed.


Yealink W74P DECT Phone System Oman

The Yealink W74P Oman system seamlessly integrates with Yealink W74H DECT handsets, accommodating registration for up to 10 devices. This versatility ensures that whether you operate in a compact office environment or a sprawling corporate setting, your communication needs are efficiently addressed. Thanks to its robust processing capacity, the Yealink W74P Oman system can support up to 10 SIP accounts and manage up to 20 simultaneous calls, providing ample space for expansion and scalability as your business grows.

Additionally, the system prioritizes flexibility and mobility, boasting compatibility with up to 6 optional repeaters. These repeaters extend network coverage, enabling users to move around freely without experiencing signal loss or connectivity disruptions. Whether your workspace spans a vast office area or encompasses multiple floors in a building, seamless connectivity ensures uninterrupted productivity and efficiency.

Moreover, reliability and performance are central to the design of the Yealink W74P Oman system. Its advanced features and sturdy infrastructure guarantee uninterrupted communication, even during periods of peak usage. With an intuitive interface and user-friendly design, setting up and managing the system is straightforward, allowing you to concentrate on core business activities without grappling with technical intricacies.

Far beyond being a mere communication solution, the Yealink W74P Oman system serves as a catalyst for productivity, collaboration, and innovation in the contemporary workplace. With its comprehensive features, seamless integration capabilities, and unparalleled reliability, it empowers businesses to excel in today’s dynamic and interconnected business landscape.


High-performance and Scalable for Productive Communication

Supporting registration with up to 10 Yealink W74H DECT handsets, the W74P system is launched with robust processing capacity for up to 10 SIP accounts and 20 silmultaneous calls. More flexibility and mobility could be enabled through up to 6 optional repeaters for extended network coverage.

Clarity and Stability for Premium Mobile Communication

Yealink new W74P embraces upgraded hardware, sophisticated acoustic algorithms, noise cancellation technology and enhanced signal strength, providing the flexible workforces with a high-quality mobile communication environment. Even in complex surroundings,users can have hassle-free conversations through the noise-free conditions and larger volume.

User-Friendly Features, Maximum Flexibility

Built-in Bluetooth

With built-in Bluetooth 5.1, the W74H into the business elite’s work routines. Connected with Yealink BH72/BH76 headset, it empowers customers to free their hands and work while taking calls.


Every new message can be critical to the business, and the vibration feature makes sure that every call is noticed, even in cluttered and stressful environments. Missing calls will not be your concern.

Quick Charging

Long charging time will reduce work efficiency, but that will not happen with Yealink W74P. 10-minutes charging time can outlast two hours of talk time, so even if you forget to charge, you don’t have to worry about work being delayed.

Streamline Provisioning for Labor and Time Costs Saving

The W74P supports efficient provisioning and effortless mass deployment with Yealink’s Redirection and Provisioning Service (RPS) and Boot mechanism to help realize remote deployment, maintenance and upgrade.The new web portal for device management brings clear and intuitive interface to upgrade user experience.



  • 1.8’’ 128×160 TFT color screen
  • Intuitive user interface with icons and soft keys
  • Caller ID with name and number
  • Notification Light: voice mail, missed call
  • Date & time (manual/auto synchronization)
  • Screen saver
  • Multilingual user interface
  • Keypad backlight
  • Phone Features
  • Up to 2 simultaneous calls per handset
  • Handset select for receiving call
  • Handset and Number select for making call
  • Auto intercom, auto answer
  • 3-way conference
  • Call forward: Always/Busy/No Answer
  • DND
  • Call waiting, mute, hold
  • Call transfer
  • Swap between calls
  • Redial
  • Speed dial
  • Voice mail
  • Silence
  • Dial plan: Replace Rule/Area Code/Block Out
  • Keypad lock, emergency call
  • 100 phone book memory (store in the base)
  • Remote phonebook, LDAP, XML phonebook
  • Phonebook search, block list
  • Call history: All/Placed/Missed/Received (up to 100 entries)
  • Direct IP call without SIP proxy
  • Reset to factory, reboot
  • Anonymous call, Anonymous call rejection
  • OTA (Over-The-Air) upgrade

Voice Features

  • Full-duplex speakerphone
  • HD audio
  • Hearing Aid Compatibility (HAC) compliant
  • requency response—100 Hz–7 kHz
  • FNR (Flexible Noise Reduction)/Noise Cancellation
  • Receiver volume control: 5 steps
  • Ringer volume control: 5 steps+off
  • 9 ringer melodies
  • Multiple advisory tones
  • Acoustic warning for low battery status
  • DTMF

Physical Features

  • Handset Size:144.5 mm x 48 mm x 21 mm
  • Handset Weight: 117 g
  • Color: Space Gray
  • Battery: 1010 mAh, Lithium-ion, 3.7 V, 3.73 WH
    • Up to 24 hours of talk time (in ideal conditions)
    • Up to 320 hours of standby time (in ideal conditions)
  • Headset jack (3.5 mm)
  • Charger: DC 5V/0.6A Output
  • Power Adapter:
    • Input: 100-240 V ~ 50/60 Hz, 0.2 A
    • Output: 5 V, 0.6 A
  • Backlit keypad with 25 keys:
    • Standard ITU telephone keypad, 12 keys, 4×3, with star and pound key
    • 5 navigation keys (left, right, up, down, OK)
    • 2 softkeys
    • 6 function keys (Speaker, message, Off-hook, Cancel, TRAN, Mute)
    • 6 shortcut keys
  • Operating humidity: 10 – 95%
  • Operating temperature: -10 to +50°C (+14 to 122°F)
  • Storage temperature: -30 to 70°C (-22 to 158°F)


  • Frequency bands:
    1880 – 1900 MHz (Europe), 1920 – 1930 MHz
    (US), 1902 – 1906 MHz (TH), 1910 – 1920 MHz (BR)
  • DECT Range:
    • Up to 50 meters indoor (in ideal conditions)
    • Up to 300 meters outdoor (in ideal conditions)

Package Features

  • Package contents:
    • W74H Handset
    • Charger Cradle
    • Rechargeable Battery
    • Belt Clip
    • Power Adapter
  • Qty/CNT: 20 PCS
  • Giftbox size: 473 mm × 443 mm × 198 mm
  • Carton meas: 181 mm × 104 mm × 90 mm
  • N.W: 7.34 kg
  • G.W: 8.182 kg