Yeastar S412 Oman


Yeastar S412 Oman

The Yeastar S412 Oman is designed to support up to 8 SIP accounts, 4 SIP trunks, 12 analog lines, 4 digital lines, or 2 cellular lines, proving to be a highly versatile device.



Yeastar S412 Modular IP-PBX Oman

The Yeastar S412 Oman is a modular IP PBX which is equipped with high performance to deliver a reliable VoIP solution to small-sized businesses. It is designed to offer auto-provisioning capabilities to major VoIP brands including Cisco, Polycom, Grandstream, Snom, and Yealink.  With future-proof technology, you will receive free lifetime software and firmware upgrades so that you are certain your appliance will remain reliable over the years. The S412 features advanced security with built-in firewall, TLS, and SRTP to protect you from internet hackers, viruses and more.

The Yeastar S412 Oman is designed to support up to 8 SIP accounts, 4 SIP trunks, 12 analog lines, 4 digital lines, or 2 cellular lines, proving to be a highly versatile device. It also supports 8 fixed FXS ports for more efficiency. It provides its users with 4 on-board module slots which allow for easy customization; 2 for internal extensions and 2 for external lines. Some of the available modules which enable you to customize your IP PBX include :

  • S2 Module : 2 FXS (analog)
  • O2 Module : 2 FXO (analog)
  • SO Module : 1 FXS / 1FXO (analog)
  • B2 Module : 2 BRI (digital)
  • GSM Module : 1 GSM (cellular)
  • 3G Module : 1 WCDMA (cellular)
  • 4G LTE Module : 1 3G/4G voice/data (cellular)

If you are seeking for a flexible and affordable VoIP telephony control center, then the Yeastar S412 Oman is the perfect solution for you. It is equipped with over 50 advanced telephony features some of which include fax-to-email, automated attendant, call monitoring, and one-touch recording.


  • 8 VoIP Users
  • 8 Concurrent Calls
  • 4 VoIP Trunks
  • 8 Fixed RJ11 FXS Ports
  • 4 Customizable FXS RJ11 Ports
  • Up to 4 Customizable FXO/BRI RJ11 Ports
  • Up to 2 Customizable GSM/3G/4G Channels
  • 1 10/100Mbps LAN
  • 1 10/100Mbps WAN
  • TF Card Slot
  • Protocol : SIP, IAX2
  • Transport Protocol : UDP, TCP, TLS, SRTP
  • DTMF : In-band, RFC4733, SIP INFO
  • Codec : G711 (alaw/ulaw), G722, G726, G729A, GSM, Speex, ADPCM, iLBC, H263, H263P, H264, MPEG4
  • Industrial grade quad-core CPU processors
  • Streamlined installation through intuitive Metro UI
  • Automatically provision phones from Cisco, Yealink, Panasonic and more
  • Flexible Modular Design
  • The Yeastar S412 Oman comes in a flexible, modular design which features 8 fixed FXS ports and can 4 module slots which allow easy personalization of settings. The module slots allow you to utilize FXS, FXO,BRI, and GSM/3G/4G interfaces. 2 of the module slots are meant for internal lines (S2 Module only) while 2 of the module slots are for external lines (O2/BRI/GSM/3G/4G Module only).
  • Powerful Remote Management
    • The Yeastar S412 IP PBX Oman guarantees you a highly secure platform which enables you to easily monitor and manage your PBX system(s) remotely and centrally. It does not matter whether you are a phone system end user or an IT reseller since the Yeastar Remote Management tool saves you from technical hitches, thus helps you in cutting down costs incurred in IT and maintenance costs.
  • Connect, Collaborate, & Communicate Easily
    •  The Yeastar S412 Oman is fully compatible with the Yeastar Linkus UC softphone and the Linkus Cloud service which deliver ultimate convenience in business, enabling you to work from any remote location from any device.
    • Connect
      • Eliminate complexity and connect on any device anywhere with Linkus UC Softphone.
    • Communicate
      • Voice, conferencing, messaging. Get all advanced features for smarter conversations.
    • Collaborate
      • Corporate Directory. Presence. File Sharing. It’s about the team-up.
    • CRM Integration
      • Salesforce CRM, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Outlook Contacts, Google Contacts
  •  Hybrid VoIP made for Small Businesses
    • The Yeastar S412 Oman combines advanced VoIP technology with powerful analog capacity to provide a future-proof solution that provides an exceptional and affordable VoIP telephony solution. It supports up to 8 VoIP users, 8 concurrent calls, and is equipped with 12 FXS ports, 4 FXO/BRI ports, and 2 GSM/3G/4G channels. It is therefore a highly efficient device which not only enhances communication, but also maximizes productivity.
  • Maximum Security
    • Make all your conversations secure using the Yeastar S412 IP PBX Oman which is integrated with security-enhancing algorithms including SRTP and TLS call encryption. In case of any suspicious and unauthorized access into your IP PBX system, you can receive security alerts via email. This enables you to take the required action to secure your system.

Quick Specs

  • Communications Protocols : SIP, IAX2
  • Ethernet Ports : 2x 10/100
  • Additional Interfaces : 1x TF card slot
  • Users : 8
  • Concurrent Calls : 8
  • SIP Trunks : 4
  • Fixed Ports : 8 FXS
  • Customizable Ports :
    • FXS/FXO Ports : up to 4 (with O2, S2 or SO module/s)
    • E1/T1/PRI Ports : 0
    • BRI Ports : up to 4 (with B2 module/s)
    • GSM Channels : up to 2 (with GSM module/s)
    • 3G Channels : up to 2 (with 3G module/s)
    • 4G LTE Channels : up to 2 (with 4G LTE module/s)
  • Audio Codecs : 711µ/a, G.722, G.726, G.729A, GSM, Speex, ADPCM, iLBC
  • Video Codecs : 263, H.263P, H.264, MPEG4
  • Fax-over-IP : 38
  • Dimensions : 42″ x 7.09″ x 1.30″
  • Mounting : rack