Yealink SkySound CM20 Oman


Yealink SkySound CM20 Oman

The Yealink SkySound CM20 Oman is a top-tier ceiling microphone designed specifically to enhance audio quality in corporate conference settings.


Yealink SkySound CM20 Ceiling Microphone Oman

The Yealink SkySound CM20 Oman is a top-tier ceiling microphone designed specifically to enhance audio quality in corporate conference settings. With its array of 16 omnidirectional microphones strategically positioned, the CM20 effectively captures sound from all angles, ensuring clear and inclusive conversations.Designed to seamlessly integrate with Yealink MVC systems, the CM20 utilizes advanced DSP (Digital Signal Processing) technology to optimize audio processing, eliminating the need for additional peripherals. This streamlined approach enhances the overall conference experience by reducing complexity and improving reliability.

Ideal for medium to large meeting spaces, the Yealink SkySound CM20 Oman combines cutting-edge innovation with sleek aesthetics. Its thoughtful design not only enhances functionality but also adds a touch of sophistication to any conference room environment.The Yealink SkySound CM20 Oman is more than just a microphone; it represents a harmonious blend of form and function, making it a standout choice for organizations seeking to elevate their conference audio experience to new heights. Whether it’s facilitating remote collaboration or conducting high-stakes boardroom meetings, the Yealink SkySound CM20 Oman is poised to deliver exceptional performance in any corporate setting.


Advanced Microphone Array : The SkySound CM20 boasts 16 omnidirectional units ensuring crystal-clear audio across 8 distinct pickup zones.

Superior Coverage : With coverage extending up to 60 square meters, it delivers top-notch full-duplex audio for spaces of up to 30 square meters, making it ideal for medium to large areas.

Intelligent Sound Processing : Leveraging Yealink’s cutting-edge technologies, it effectively eliminates noise, echo, and reverberation, ensuring impeccable audio clarity in every meeting scenario.

Intelligent Tracking : Featuring 8 beam outputs for precise speaker tracking, it seamlessly integrates with room cameras, enhancing camera tracking and elevating meeting engagement and participation

In-built DSP for Simplicity : The SkySound CM20 is equipped with an integrated DSP, ensuring seamless compatibility with Yealink MVC systems and removing the need for external audio processing.

Network and Deployment Efficiency :  This gadget seamlessly links up with audio systems compatible with AES67. Thanks to its Power over Ethernet feature, it requires just a single Ethernet cable to handle both power and audio transmission.

Versatile Ceiling Integration : Offers a variety of installation options, including in-ceiling, pendant, and on-ceiling, to streamline the setup process and seamlessly integrate into any environment.

Elegant and Unobtrusive Design : The item boasts a detachable mesh cover equipped with magnetic suction, offering both a stylish appearance and easy upkeep thanks to its straightforward design.


Package Content

  • SkySound CM20 Microphone
  • White Mesh Cover (Black Optional)
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Assembly Fixing Bracket
  • Dust Cover
  • Length-Adjustable Pole (Optional)
  • Bracing Bridge*1 pair
  • Suspend Pole Adapter (Optional)
  • Expansion Bolt*6 (φ6 * 30 mm, white, Polyamide)
  • Self-tapping Screw*6 (T4*30mm)
  • Machine Screw*5 (3*6PMOZN3+)
  • Bracing Bredge Screw*20 (M3*6PWMHOZN3)

Audio Specifications

  • Frequency Response : 120Hz-16kHz
  • Maximum SPL : 122dBSPL
  • Signal Noise Ratio : 94dBSPL @1kHz A-Weight
  • Sensitivity : 0 dBV/Pa 94dBSPL@1kHZ
  • Microphone : 16 omni-direction microphones
  • AEC Channel : 1 channel internal

Physical Features

  • Operating Temperature : 0-50℃
  • Storage Temperature : 0-70℃
  • Operating Humidity : 5%~90%
  • Continuous Power : 5.7W
  • Peak Power : 9W
  • Interface : 1*RJ-45
  • Power Supply : PoE (IEEE 802.3af, class 3)

Product Specifications

  • Size :
    • 223*H83mm (with cover mesh)
    • 215*H81mm (without cover mesh)
  • Weight : 615g
  • Product Color : Pearl Light Gray
  • Product Materials : ABS+PC&iron mesh

Logistic Information

  • Box Size : 398 mm*310 mm*135 mm
  • W/CTN : 2.462 kg
  • W/CTN : 3.078 kg

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