Yealink MCoreKit-C5-ZR Oman


Yealink MCoreKit-C5-ZR Oman

The Yealink MCoreKit-C5-ZR Oman Zoom Room system stands at the forefront of video conferencing innovation, reshaping the way teams collaborate with its rich array of features tailored for seamless interaction.


Yealink MCoreKit-C5-ZR Zoom Room System Oman

The Yealink MCoreKit-C5-ZR Oman Zoom Room system stands at the forefront of video conferencing innovation, reshaping the way teams collaborate with its rich array of features tailored for seamless interaction. At its core lies an expansive 11.6-inch touch screen display, leveraging advanced IPS technology to ensure pristine visuals visible from every angle, making it an optimal choice for both intimate discussions and dynamic presentations alike.

Beyond its stunning display, the Yealink MCoreKit-C5-ZR Oman excels in connectivity, offering a versatile range of ports including HDMI, Ethernet, and SuperSpeed USB 3.0, alongside cutting-edge wireless capabilities such as Bluetooth 5.2 and Wi-Fi Miracast. This diverse connectivity suite ensures compatibility with a myriad of meeting setups, empowering users to effortlessly connect and share content. Moreover, support for Apple AirPlay and Google Cast streamlines content sharing, fostering an immersive and engaging presentation experience.

With a steadfast commitment to security, the Yealink MCoreKit-C5-ZR Oman integrates Trusted Platform Module 2.0 (TPM 2.0) technology, providing robust safeguards for sensitive data. Whether facilitating small team collaborations or orchestrating large-scale conferences, this meticulously engineered system guarantees unparalleled video conferencing performance, elevating every interaction to new heights of productivity and professionalism.


Flexible Video Solutions

The Yealink MCoreKit-C5-ZR system provides flexible video solutions. Choose from a variety of video conference cameras, such as the UVC34 and UVC40 all-in-one USB video bar, the UVC84 USB PTZ camera, and the UVC86 dual-eye intelligent tracking camera to suit different meeting rooms.

Flexible Audio Solutions

In addition to the advanced video conference camera, the Yealink MCoreKit-C5-ZR system offers flexible audio options. Choose from a range of voice pickup devices, including the Yealink VCM35 wired microphone, the VCM36-W and CPW65
wireless microphones, and the VCM38 ceiling microphone, combined with the MSpeaker II soundbar, to meet your specific audio needs.

Integrate Seamlessly

Experience professional-grade meetings with the powerful combination of Yealink MCoreKit-C5-ZR and top-tier audio and control system providers. Unlock the power of collaboration without the hassle of replacing your existing equipment, saving your valuable budget.

Powerful and Secured Performance

Experience a more powerful CPU, enabling faster processing and enriched AI features. With support for three display screens, our Mini-PC transforms conference rooms into immersive spaces for collaboration. Enjoy automated display control and seamless signal adaptation through CEC and EDID codec technologies. Simplify your setup with a single CAT5e cable that integrates data transmission and power supply.

Control Freely

The new MTouch Plus features a spacious 11.6-inch screen for improved visibility and convenient meeting controls. You can also set up multiple touch panels within the same room, and whether on the wall or table for flexible collaboration needs.

Share Effortlessly

No additional software or drivers are needed. Simply plug in the WPP30 (optional) into your devices, and your ideas are instantly ready for presentation. You can seamlessly utilize the device mode without any configuration required.


MTouch Plus Touch Console

  • 11.6-inch narrow bezel IPS display
  • 1920 x 1080 video resolution
  • Angle between screen and desktop (30°~70°)
  • Support wired and wireless (with WPP30) content sharing
  • Support HDMI/USB-C video input
  • Support desktop placement, desktop fixed,  wall-mounted deployment

MCore Pro Mini-PC

  • 11th Gen Intel® Core i5
  • Memory:8GB(2*4GB)
  • Storage:128GBSSD
  • Built-in EDID adapter
  • 3x HDMI video output with CEC supported
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
  • 1 x Yealink MTouch port (RJ45), connect to MTouchPlus
  • 4xUSB3.0


  • Detection:
    • Occupancy
    • Temperature
    • Humidity
    • Light
  • Protocol: Bluetooth BLE 5.2
  • Frequency band: 2.4 GHz
  • Reach: 30 m (100 ft)
  • Multi-connectivity: Maximum 4 simultaneously, BLE mesh