Yealink VC880 Conferencing Oman


Yealink VC880

Yealink VC880 is a large video conferencing system which supports 24 location HD meeting. It is built for Corporate head office and suited for the large conference room.VC880 equipped with powerful embedded MCU and allow you to use multiple Video Conferencing cameras such as yealink VCC22. It also enables you to use third-party conferencing cameras. Its a one-stop video conference solution designed with enterprise organisation structure in mind.


Yealink VC880 Video Conferencing System in Detail

Yealink offers innovative Video conferencing solution with constant technological development. Yealink VC880 video conferencing solution is easy to use and user-friendly which Which help organization to achieve highly effective communication platform. It is a multipoint communication platform With the support of additional conferencing camera. Yealink VC880 offer best customer experience with a high-quality image, lifelike conversation, and 4k HD Camera lens. The Yealink VC880 is designed to expand your video conferencing collaboration experience with high-end technologies.

yealink vc880The VC880 equipped with high power MCU which is top in this class compared to other manufacturers. The Capability of multi-camera support enables you to connect nine VCC22, conferencing cameras make your meeting multi-view and multi-way. It also supports to connect third-party cameras with the system. The Harmon co engineered speakers ensure powerful sound quality which truly increases the meeting quality. The VC880 support 24 location HD Videoconferencing and it can be separated into two virtual meeting. The Voice activation enable the speaking participant in to highlight mode. This conference solution enables up to 9 cameras in a meeting room which enable you to create the video conferencing solution you ever imagined. The VC880 is sold with a licensing structure for multi pint connectivity.

The Optional Accessory VCC22 Camera support 12x zoom and full HD video quality. The Yealink VC880 unify your branches with seamless integration with YMS Client. It offers a field of view of 70 degrees. The VC880 equipped with an HDMI input port which can use to connect third-party cameras or accessing a video matrix. The screen can be spliced and the layout can be switched with VCC22 Camera Screen.VC880 also support sound console audio system with RCA in and out.

yealink vc880 OmanThe Split type structure of Yealink VC880 fulfill the deployment requirements of large conference room control room. In order to lower the deployment cost and cable clutter, the VC880 uses the power, video and control line in a single cable, which makes your conferencing deployment and meeting room clean and tidy. When you are using nine cameras together you can control each camera with the ability to put all camera output to a single screen. It also enables you to put certain images into the larger / full screen. With the voice activation and video recording, the system can automatically change the layout and speaker definition, resulting in a more intuitive interface.

The VCC22 Video Conferencing Camera can connect with VC880 with the help of a POE-enabled data switch with the help of a single CAT6 or CAT5E Cable.No Additional power supply is required for a camera which enables the deployment simple. An exclusive HDMI interface permits the video input from the 3rd-party camera or video matrix, and you can put the video image both different cameras together like a puzzle, as well as change the video layout. Besides, coming with the profession RCA-in/out interface, VC880 perfectly integrates the mixer with the gooseneck microphone. With the  Yealink anti-packet loss technology, VC880 can resist up to 30% video and 80% audio packet loss which guarantees smooth video and audio communication under challenging network conditions.

Yealink VC880 Video Conferencing System supports standard H.323/SIP dual-protocol. VC880 Also deeply integrated with Yealink Meeting Server ( YMS ) with the support for  Meeting Scheduling and One-touch Meeting Access. It also worked with Yealink Cloud Management Service, bringing quick deployment. Besides, it supports the 3rd-party room system and integrates with the leading cloud platforms available in the Muscat Market.

yealink vc880 video conferencing systemYealink VC880 Specification

  • Quality of video Communication   – 1080p / 60 fps
  •  Quality video sharing content  –   1080p / 60 fps
  •  Camera model VCC22 (optional)
  •  Image quality  –  1080p / 60 fps
  •  Zoom  –  12 × optical zoom
  •  View  –   70 °
  •  PTZ   Support
  •  Pickup Device Model     VCS Phone CP9602 (optional)
  •  Pickup Mic         3
  •  Mic expands     2
  •  Speaker Support
  •  LCD screen Support
  •  Dial button
  •  Mute key
  •  Speech Recognition  –   6 meters
  •  Integrated MCU Capacity     –    24 sites
  •  Integrated MCU resolution    –    24 sites at 1080P
  •  Additional one-way audio call  Support
  •  Standard Communication Protocol   –    H.323 / SIP
  •  HP H.264 codec
  •  Record in HD
  •  Intelligent Firewall Traversal
  •  HDMI output    2 × HDMI
  •  Camera input    1 × HDMI
  •  Input to share content 1 × HDMI + 1 × Mini-DP (optional)
  •  Way in 1 × RCA
  •  Way out   1 × RCA
  •  USB  –  3 × USB 2.0
  •  Power adapter 48V / 0.7A

 Physical features 

•  External Yealink Power Adapter: AC Inputs 100 ~ 240V and DC Outputs 48V / 0.7A

  • Wall / TV Shelves with Screws
  • Power Consumption (PSU): Idle <16W, Normal: 17W; Max: 21W
  • Dimensions (WDH):

– VC880 decoder: 330mm x 183mm x 40mm

– VCR11: 190mm x 55mm x 24mm

  • Operating humidity: 10 ~ 95%
  • Operating temperature: 0 ~ 40 ° C
  • Storage temperature: -30 ~ 70 ° C