Yealink SkySound CS10 Oman


Yealink SkySound CS10 Oman

The Yealink SkySound CS10 Oman is a standout option in the realm of audio technology, particularly in the context of video conferencing environments.


Yealink SkySound CS10 Oman

The Yealink SkySound CS10 Oman is a standout option in the realm of audio technology, particularly in the context of video conferencing environments. Its discreet 2-way coaxial network speaker is celebrated for its exceptional audio performance, setting a high standard for sound quality in modern meeting spaces.

One of the key features that distinguishes the Yealink SkySound CS10 Oman is its sleek and minimalist design, which seamlessly integrates into contemporary conference rooms. Its aesthetic appeal is matched by its practicality, as it is engineered for versatility and ease of use. With Power over Ethernet (PoE) capability, the speaker offers flexible deployment options, including compatibility with various supplementary components. This makes installation across different types of ceilings a breeze, ensuring a hassle-free setup process for users.

More than just a speaker, the Yealink SkySound CS10 Oman is designed to enhance both the auditory and visual aspects of meetings. Its refined design elevates the ambiance of any meeting environment, contributing to a more immersive and engaging conferencing experience.Furthermore, the CS10 exudes sophistication and technological elegance, making it the go-to audio solution for professional needs. Whether it’s in boardrooms, conference halls, or collaborative workspaces, the Yealink SkySound CS10 Oman sets the standard for premium audio performance and aesthetic excellence.

Key Features

Innovative Coaxial Structure : Equipped with a 2-way coaxial setup comprising a robust 5.7-inch LF Woofer and a distinctive 1.1-inch HF Tweeter, this speaker ensures precise audio reproduction.

High Performance Acoustics : Demonstrating outstanding acoustic properties, it boasts an 88-decibel sensitivity at 1 watt per meter and achieves a maximum sound pressure level of 99 decibels at 20 watts per meter, ensuring accurate and powerful audio performance.

PoE Enabled Active Speaker : The SkySound CS10 seamlessly merges advanced active speaker functionalities with a built-in DAC and PoE technology, facilitating effortless integration. This unique combination enables swift digital signal processing from the network, simplifying setup with minimal latency, ideal for diverse professional environments.

Dante Ready for Advanced Audio Networking :   Offered in two variants : one featuring Dante compatibility and the other as a standard model, the SkySound CS10 effortlessly integrates into sophisticated audio networks, providing flexibility for complex configurations and full compatibility with Dante audio systems. Choose the Dante-enabled option to leverage its enhanced audio networking capabilities.

Versatile Deployment :  With a variety of indoor installation options compatible with different ceiling types and grid systems, this speaker ensures smooth integration with any interior design scheme.

Sophisticated Design : Complete with a detachable magnetic grille, customizable to match your aesthetic preferences and available in black or white, the grille complements the speaker’s sleek design, measuring 120 mm to harmonize well with various modern interiors.


Package Content

  • SkySound CS10 Speaker
  • White Mesh Cover (Black Optional)
  • Quick Star t Guide
  • Assembly Fixing Bracket
  • Dust Cover
  • Deployment Instruction Template
  • Bracing Bridge (Optional)
  • Dust Cover Screw*6 (M3*4CMHOZN3)

Audio Specifications

  • Frequency Response (6dB) : 10020kHz
  • Maximum SPL :
    • Continuous : 99dB @20W 1m
    • Sensitivity : 88dB@1m 1W

Speaker Specification

  • LF : 5.7inch (145 mm) woofer
  • HF : 1.1inch (28 mm) tweeter
  • Nominal Impedance : 8Ω
  • Nominal Coverage Angle : 120

Product Specifications

  • Size :
    • ф294*H125.8mm (with cover mesh)
    • ф2*H125mm (without cover mesh)
  • Weight :
    • 2808g (without cover mesh) ;
    • 207g (Cover mesh)
  • Product Color : white/black
  • Cover Mesh Color : white/black
  • Product Materials :
    • Cover Mesh : PC/ABS Welded SPCC
    • Main Body Shell : PA (Polyamide) with 15% GF
    • Bottom Shell : aluminum alloy
    • Cover Plate : PC/ABS and SGCC
    • Plenum Rated UL 2043 (suitable for air handling spaces)

Physical Specifications

  • Operating Temperature : 050℃
  • Storage Temperature : 050℃
  • Operating Humidity : 5%~90%
  • Peak Power : 20W
  • Power Supply : PoE+ (IEEE 802.3at class 4)
  • Interface : 1*RJ45

Logistic Information

  • Canton Size : 398 mm*355 mm*185 mm
  • W/CTN : 4.628 kg
  • W/CTN : 5.597 kg

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