Yealink UH34 Dual Teams Oman


Yealink UH34 Dual Teams Oman

Yealink UH34 Dual Teams Oman features a lightweight binaural design with soft leatherette earpads for maximum all-day comfort, even on a busy day at work.


Yealink UH34 Dual Teams Wired Headset Oman

Yealink UH34 Dual Teams Oman features a lightweight binaural design with soft leatherette earpads for maximum all-day comfort, even on a busy day at work. This is a professional-grade, USB-connected, Microsoft Teams-certified headset with the flexibility to easily deploy in any scenario. Teams compatibility enables call control features like answer/end/reject and hold calls, increase/decrease volume, boom mute his mic, and even redial the last call. This stylish and ergonomic headset is 10-30% lighter than other headsets in its class and is perfect for people who spend most of their day on the phone.

With Yealink UH34 Dual Teams Oman, you don’t have to compromise on technology for price. This headset features HD Voice for amazing sound quality and a noise-cancelling boom mic that lets the person on the other end of the call hear you clearly. The Yealink UH34 Dual Teams Oman combines innovative technology with a user-friendly experience to give your employees the tools they need to reach the next level.

Features :

  • Microsoft Teams – Certified
    • The Yealink UH34 Dual Teams Dubai features a conspicuous tactile button with the Microsoft Teams logo inscribed on it, that is used to quickly launch the application. Once collaborated with Microsoft Teams, the Yealink UH34 Microsoft Teams USB Headset turns into your best communication tool for conferences  and notifications, giving you a quality user experience.
  • Lightweight Design
    • The Yealink UH34 Dual Teams  is highly portable since it weighs only about  82.5g for the Mono and 118g for the Dual. This feature enables the user to enjoy maximum mobility as they can wear the headsets all day and move around freely with them without feeling any strain or pressure
  • All Day Wearing Comfort
    • Yealink UH34 Dual Teams Dubai are built using replaceable soft and foamy leather ear cushions so as to offer maximum comfort even when used over long periods of time. A user can attend long conferences while wearing them without getting fatigued.
  • Crystal Clear Audio
    • The Yealink UH34 Dual Teams Dubai is designed to be used for calls and music. It comes with a high signal – to – noise ratio speaker and an independent cavity design. The speaker uses the passive noise cancellation technique to filter out any surrounding noises which may interfere with the quality of audio, resulting in crisp and clear sounds which are audible enough.
  • Flexible Plug – and – Play Connectivity
    • The Yealink UH34 Dual Teams is designed to offer its user a quick and easy operation process. A USB cable connects easily to a PC when using the headsets. Excellent integration with Yealink IP phones delivers an outstanding audio quality.
  • Intuitive Control Unit
    • The Yealink UH34 Dual Teams Dubai is equipped with in-line call controller with LED indicators, making it extremely easy to manage calls.  You can answer and end calls quickly and easily, control volume and mute the line directly from the control unit.
  • Native Integration
    • The Yealink UH34 Dual Teams Dubai integrates easily with Yealink IP phones thus maximizing efficiency and enhancing productivity. The Headsets also work well with major UC platforms, resulting in an all-round collaborative experience.
  • ActiveProtection Technology
    • Heavy use of headsets on loud volumes over long periods of time for listening purposes may cause hearing problems to its user.  The Yealink UH34 Dual Teams eliminates this possibility using ActiveProtection Technology which safeguards its user from acoustic injuries.
  • Maximum Flexibility
    • The Yealink UH34 Dual Teams is equipped with a bendable boom arm which can be  adjusted at a super wide angle of 330° to a desired position. This gives the user a chance to work on other tasks in the office such as taking notes while on a call, therefore saving time and boosting productivity.
  • Easy Device Management
    • Yealink USB Connect is available for the management of multiple Yealink USB devices, including headsets, speakerphones, and webcams. All the settings can be done through Yealink USB Connect, for example, the setting of the basic and premium function of Yealink UH34 Dual Teams, which is convenient and efficient for daily use.

Yealink UH34 Quick Specs :

  • Connectivity : USB-A
  • Headset Cable Length : 1.2 m
  • USB Cable Length : 0.9 m

Yealink UH34 Dual Microsoft Teams USB Headset Package Contents:

  • UH34 Dual Teams Headset
  • Quick Start Guide